Despite data analytics being a number one priority for CIOs, Gartner says 87% of organizations are low in maturity for data and analytics.

Data and analytics continue to transform businesses initiatives to successful outcomes. Strategic, meaningful, and mature usage of this data is key to valuable results.

So how have the 13% achieved high-level maturity to create a data-driven workplace?

Join SWC to see how we’ve recently helped organizations elevate their analytics maturity to leverage machine learning and predictive analytics, resulting in scalability and business value.

In this luncheon, you’ll learn ways to improve analytics capabilities regardless of your current maturity level and how to get leadership buy-in on transformational analytics projects.

This event is geared toward: 

  • Data and Analytics Leads focused on getting executive buy-in on analytics projects and closing competency gaps
  • IT Leaders responsible for the architectural foundation for data scalability and IT evolution
  • Business Executives seeking perspective on successful analytics case studies in today’s market


A complimentary lunch will be served along with prize drawings.