Have you made the switch to Office 365, but are seeing poor user adoption? Are you considering making the move, but have questions about how you will develop an effective change management framework?

At this luncheon, we will cover topics around user adoption and realizing the full value of your Office 365 investment. Meeting the technical requirements of an Office 365 deployment is no longer the last step to a successful project. Ensuring the users are adopting and embracing the new capabilities is the new measurement of success, and we'll provide some tips and strategic recommendations to get the most out of your producitivity investment.

  • Using day-in-the-life scenarios and use cases to demonstrate the power of Office 365 to accelerate collaboration and improve efficiency in your organization.
  • Managing a continuous update cycle and developing ongoing rollout plans for new features.
  • Answering your questions and working through use case challenges in our demo environment.
  • Developing an effective change management framework to set up your users and your organization for success.


This event is especially for you if your team utilizes a variety of productivity tools both inside and outside the Office 365 like Slack, Dropbox, IFTTT, Wunderlist, Google Calendar, or Trello. See how Office 365 can simplify your productivity processes by working with or replacing these disparate technologies.