You’ve likely heard the term ‘Predictive Analytics’ used in a variety of contexts across industries and verticals. But how does predictive analytics apply in a business context to inform actionable insights, and more importantly, how do you get a predictive analytics project off the ground?

At its core, predictive analytics is a method of analyzing data to accurately project future trends. At our complimentary business intelligence luncheon event, we’ll be exploring the prevailing trends and use cases for how predictive analytics are being implemented to make better operational decisions for mid-market businesses.

Demonstration: Predicting Customer Churn
Chad Dotzenrod, Analytics Architect at SWC Technology Partners, will walk through a use-case on Customer Churn Analytics that demonstrates how Predictive Analytics solutions can be used to drive insight on identifying customers that could churn and ways to proactively market to them to help reduce churn.

Jump Starting a Predictive Analytics Project
Finally, we’ll discuss proven methodologies and solutions for launching your predictive analytics project, provide some best practices and give an overview on what you can expect when you plan to transform your organizations business intelligence.