Cybersecurity decisions are often made based on expert advice, lists of general best practices - or simply because it’s what “everyone else” is doing.

The problem with this approach is it relies on a “one-size-fits-all,” tool-based security strategy that doesn’t take individual business environments, goals and context into consideration. If companies continue to make security decisions this way, the chance they’ll be sufficiently protected from evolving cyberthreats isn’t good.

In contrast, a threat-based security strategy looks at your particular organization’s data, threats and vulnerabilities in order to determine a cybersecurity strategy.

During this luncheon, we will discuss:  

  • Why cybersecurity strategy needs to be threat-based
  • Pragmatic approach to focusing your security initiates on the most likely threats
  • The modern security frontline: identity, devices and cloud services
  • Defending against the most likely threats - phishing, endpoint compromise and user error


Join us for a new way to look at a crucial business topic, with interactive trivia, real world analogies and a complimentary luncheon with prize drawings for all attendees.